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Whether you just want to eat healthier, reduce your food mileage, grow veggies in your garden or are simply interested in enjoying your community life, Local Food Connect is for you!

Eltham Farmers’ Market, a Local Food Connect initiative, takes place every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Aug 242016

A new community pantry in Reservoir

pantryReservoir Neighbourhood House has set up a community pantry as part of their support for people in need. Everyone is welcome to donate ‘in date’ pantry items for those who need a helping hand. 2B Cuthbert Road, Reservoir, 3073.

Yarra Ranges Council has approved edible planting on nature strips

According to this article in The Leader, Yarra Ranges Council has approved edible planting on nature strips. Note that the Council’s new guidelines are not yet available on their website.

Whitehorse compost mates

Read about the Whitehorse ‘Compost Mate’ program (‘Compost Mates’ is a community-run program that involves local residents, schools and community groups collecting food waste from local businesses to use as compost). If you are already part of the program, email us with your experiences.

The Northcote and Reservoir food swaps in the news

prestonSee the article from the 19th July Leader.

Mac’s tip of the week (actually, a joke rather than a tip)

Delivery mix up in Eltham. "What do you mean you've already dropped them off?" "I said 200 Eucalyptus to 60 Wattletree Road, not 60 Wattle trees to 200 Eucalyptus Road!"

Our Italian correspondent reports in again

millFrom Peter Dougherty in Umbertide, Perugia: “In Umbertide, there is a flour mill which dates back around 800 years. Its design is based on mills used in Greece and Turkey and was introduced to Italy in the Middle Ages when laws forbidding slavery were introduced and water-powered mills replaced those operated by slaves. The mill is still powered by water diverted from the local river and produces exclusively organic wholemeal flour from locally-grown heritage wheat varieties. Inter alia, they are milling heritage red romanino corn, whose flour is apparently the best for making polenta.

The Common’s latest Facebook post

Is about juices.

New events

Raspberry wine workshop (three sessions)

What: At this workshop, you will: learn about fruit wine origins and history; learn about all the different varieties of fermented fruit wine; and learn and make ‘raspberry wine’. Complete kit and ingredients provided, nothing else to buy. You will be able to make your first fruit wine, starting in the workshop, then continuing at home, from what you have learned.
When: This is a three-session workshop, with the three sessions being: session 1 – Saturday, 27th August – Making the wine (3 hours from 9am); session 2 – Saturday, 17th September – Checking and caring (2 hours from 9am); and session 3 – Saturday, 15th October – Tasting and finalising (2 hours from 9am).
Where: Living and Learning Centre, Eltham.
Cost: $80 (for all three sessions).
Enquiries: Eltham & District Winemakers Guild by email.
Bookings: Eltham & District Winemakers Guild website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Sourdough bread-making demonstration

What: Join Kat Lavers as she demonstrates sourdough bread-making, from preparing the grain to baking the bread.
When: Sunday, 28th August, 2-5pm.
Where: Northcote.
Cost: $15.
Enquiries/Bookings: Tiffany by phone (0490 373906) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Talking rubbish – breakfast with the Rogue Ginger

What: Join them for a free ‘waste wise’ breakfast and hear inspirational ‘zero waste’ lifestyle blogger and speaker Erin Rhoads – aka the Rogue Ginger. Erin will reveal how she lives ‘plastic free’ and now leads a happier and healthier life. Bookings essential.
When: Tuesday, 30th August, 8-10am.
Where: Whittlesea Civic Centre.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Whittlesea Council’s Resource Recovery Officer by phone (9401 0579) or email.
Bookings: Eventbrite.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Vegetable seedling propagation

What: Go along and learn how easy it can be to grow your own vegetables from seed. Participants will learn the theory behind propagating from seed and plant a variety of seeds to take home.
When: Saturday, 17th September, 2.30-4.30pm.
Where: Edendale.
Cost: $35.
Enquiries: Edendale by phone (9433 3711) or email.
Bookings / Further information: their website.

3000acres Spring Fling Festival

What: Celebrate the start of the new spring growing season at the annual 3000acres Spring Fling Festival as they honour all things sustainable food and gardening. Join them for an afternoon of free gardening and sustainability workshops, pick up some treasures at their pop-up plant sale, and get inspired to start some new projects after chatting with their many partners setting up demos and displays on the day. Or just enjoy some live music on the grass while tucking into a vegetarian sausage sizzle that will be raising funds on the day for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Activities will include: free workshops and displays; edible and indoor plant sale; food stalls; live music; and kids activities.
When: Saturday, 24th September, midday-4pm.
Where: 3000acres Community Garden, Brunswick.
Cost: free.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Love food, hate waste

What: Did you know Victorians waste 25% of the food they buy? Learn how to avoid food waste and use leftovers more creatively. Local chef Duang Tengtrirat from Real Food Catering will provide a cooking demonstration and tips’ session. Get creative, make the most of your leftovers and show them the love they deserve!
When: Saturday, 24th September, 1.30-3.30pm.
Where: Edendale.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Edendale by phone (9433 3711) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Edendale website.

Chemical-free edible gardening

What: Join their expert for some simple and inexpensive strategies to keep pest insects under control without toxic sprays. Learn the basics about creating healthy soil and using companion plants to increase plant health and attract beneficial insects. Hear some tips for safely protecting your harvest from garden pests and diseases.
When: Tuesday, 11th October, 6.30-8pm.
Where: Hawthorn Library.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Diana Vidovic by phone (9278 4347) or email.
Bookings: Eventbrite.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Cooking for one can be fun!

What: Not everyone has someone at home to share dinner with every night. Learn about planning ahead, freezing tips, shopping tips and discover some great recipe ideas. Bookings essential.
When: Friday, 14th October, 10am-midday.
Where: Alphington Community Centre.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: Alphington Community Centre by phone (9499 7227) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

Over the next week
Over the next month

Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events.

Aug 172016

Our Italian correspondent reports in

umbertide marketPeter Dougherty writes in from Umbertide in Perugia: “The Slow Food movement was founded in Italy 30 years ago by Carlo Petrini in response to the arrival of McDonalds in Rome. It now manifests throughout Italy. ‘Terra Madre Mercati’ (Mother Earth Markets), of which there are now 55, mostly in Italy, are part of the movement. One of them takes place every Saturday morning in Umbertide. It is confined to growers and producers from within forty kilometres of the town. As well as fruit and vegetables, cheese, bread, cakes, jams, honey, olive oil and pottery are also available. Many of the participants are committed to totally organic produce, although this is not mandatory. One participant is a baker making bread with milled hemp seeds. Another is a fruit and veggie stall with connections to ‘Fondazione Amica Campagna’ (Foundation for the Countryside), a foundation that cooperates with participants from all branches of the food industry that support ideals such as seasonality, low food mileage, and a culture of conscious spending.

Recipes for lemon, orange and lime curds

Following Maria Ciavarella’s demonstration at the last Eltham Farmers’ Market, she has kindly given us her recipes for lemon, orange and lime curds.

Permaculture internship opportunity in Flowerdale

Fertile Oasis Original Designs (FOOD) (who subscribe to this newsletter) are looking for someone to fill a permaculture internship vacancy. Read the job description on the Permaculture Victoria website.

Your local newsletter producer is in the news

guyYup, that’s me! In the Ivanhoe and Valley 17th August edition of The Weekly Review. They actually missed out my best quote: “Pizza at Pierross: they make the well-known 400 Gradi restaurant in the CBD look like a bunch of amateurs.” (400 Gradi won the margherita pizza world championship in 2014)

Have you any reusable bags you could give Eltham Farmers’ Market?

As you should know, Eltham Farmers’ Market is now plastic bag free. As part of this, we have set up a ‘Boomerang Bags’ bag-share box which is stocked with re-usable bags for customers to borrow if they have forgotten to bring their own, hopefully returning them at the following market. The borrowing part has worked well but, to date, they have been more like sticks than boomerangs from a returning perspective. So, we have temporarily run out. If you have any reusable bags that you could donate, please contact Felicity Gordon by email.

Mac’s tip of the week

The citrus wasp gall is now beginning to hatch. So, prune off existing galls (without holes) and consider hanging sticky traps. I’m thinking of wrapping my traps in bird wire or mesh this year: the traps seem to attract all insects (and birds that eat them), which can unfortunately also stick in the traps, but the wire/mesh should keep many of them out. By contrast, gall wasps are only 2-3mm and so will still get through. An experiment worth trying until the end of November, when they can be removed. Finally, if you haven’t yet sprayed your peaches and nectarines with copper, do so now.

The Common’s latest Facebook post

Is about soy.

New events

Tools – maintenance and care

What: It is the first birthday for the Wonga Park Food Swap so, to help them celebrate, Warwick Bone, a member of the Permaculture Victoria Network, will give a talk about tools and their care. Choosing the right tool for the job is very important for many reasons including safety. Keeping your tools sharp is equally important, as a sharp tool is a safe tool. The talk will discuss best practices to sharpen your tools, specifically knives, secateurs, spades and axes. It will also cover some of the worst practices and gimmicks and why not to use them. Finally, there will be a few unusual tools on show.
When: Sunday, 21st August, 10-11.30am.
Where: Edible Forest Gardens at Wonga Park.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Kirsty Bishop-Fox by email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

All day pizza making for kids

sibelleusWhat: One of a series of workshops that teach sustainable cooking to children from all walks of life. Age group: 4 to 11 years. Walk ins welcome. [Editor’s note: the pictures on the right give an indication about the nature of the event.]
When: Sunday, 21st August, 11am-4pm.
Where: Third Place Cafe at Wollert.
Cost: $15 per child.
Enquiries/Bookings: Sibelleus Chefittles Express by phone (0406 653430) or email or just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Kombucha – fermented brew

What: Learn how to brew a delightful tonic beverage that is bursting with bubbles, flavour and goodness. You will be making kombucha, a sweetened tea that is fermented by a community of bacteria and yeast (also known as ‘Scoby’). It is beneficial to your gut health, helps cleanse the body of accumulated toxins in your diet and is a deliciously tasty, effervescent alternative drink to alcohol. In this workshop, you will: discuss the health benefits of kombucha; look at the types of tea suitable for fermenting; follow a step-by-step demonstration for making single/batch brew (and learn about continuous brew) kombucha; enjoy some tastings of kombuchas made with different teas and flavourings; and learn to flavour and infuse kombucha with the added benefits of herbs, fruit and spices. You will go away with your own original kombucha starter (scoby included).
When: Saturday, 27th August, 10am-midday.
Where: Maribyrnong.
Cost: $30.
Enquiries/Bookings: Gemma Macri by phone (0431 233420) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Love food, hate waste

What: Did you know Victorians waste 25% of the food they buy? Learn how to avoid food waste and use leftovers more creatively. Local chef Duang Tengtrirat from Real Food Catering will provide a cooking demonstration and tips’ session. Get creative, make the most of your leftovers and show them the love they deserve!
When: Tuesday, 30th August, 6-8pm.
Where: Hurstbridge Hub.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Edendale by phone (9433 3711) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Edendale website.

Growing heritage tomatoes from seed

What: Learn about heritage tomatoes and which varieties are best for your garden with local horticulturalist and Local Food Connect newsletter contributor Helen Simpson. participate in a hands-on experience (equipment provided – but bring your own gloves) and discover how to grow healthy plants.
When: Saturday, 3rd September, 11am-midday.
Where: Watsonia Library.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Watsonia Library by phone (9088 3417).
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Sourdough bread making workshop

What: Tutor – Jenna Farrington-Seear. This workshop is suitable for beginners through to those who want to expand their bread making repertoire: learn about the required ingredients and tools of the trade; discover the fermentation techniques to optimise the open crumb texture; and learn about the baker’s percentage and hydration. During the workshop you will be hands on: mix, knead and fold the dough; learn shaping techniques; learn to score and bake; and how to maintain a starter. Take home: a recipe, tips and hints of sourdough making; a piece of dough which can be baked at home; and a sourdough starter.
When: Saturday, 10th September, 10am-1pm.
Where: Living & Learning Nillumbik at Panton Hill.
Cost: $45 ($40 concession).
Enquiries/Bookings: Living & Learning Nillumbik Panton Hill by phone (9433 3799) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Preparing your garden for summer vegetables

What: Learn how to maximise the productivity from your veggie patch using all natural techniques, including crop rotation cycles. Look at great veggies to grow over the warmer months, how to start them from seed and how to look after them so that they produce well for you. What you will learn: how to prepare your soil for maximum benefit; incorporating crop rotation and other techniques for pest control; and great veggies to grow over summer and how to get them started from seed.
When: Wednesday, 14th September, 10am-1pm.
Where: Donvale.
Cost: $50.
Enquiries: Maria Ciavarella by phone (0424 083057) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Weteachme website.

Boroondara Sustainable Living Festival

What: From growing veggies and keeping backyard chooks to ‘speed dating’ a sustainability expert, there is something for everyone at this year’s Boroondara Sustainable Living Festival. Worms not waste: get expert advice on worm farming and composting; you will also be able to pick up free worm juice plant fertiliser and find out how to order a discounted worm farm or compost bin. Incredible edibles: get expert advice and see demonstrations on growing your own fruit and vegetables; get in early to pick up a free seedling.
When: Saturday, 17th September, 8am-1pm.
Where: Patterson Reserve, Hawthorn East.
Cost: free.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Composting and worm farming

What: Learn the art of successful home composting and worm farming from Maria Ciavarella, of My Green Garden.
When: Wednesday, 21st September, 7-8.30pm.
Where: Mill Park Library.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Sylvia Turk by phone (9401 0509) or email.
Bookings: Yarra Plenty Library website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Tomato planting workshop for kids

What: Learn how to plant tomato and basil seedlings then decorate a jiffy pot to take home. This will be a hands-on activity so bring your gardening gloves. Bookings required.
When: Thursday, 29th September, 11am-midday.
Where: Watsonia Library.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Watsonia Library by phone (9088 3417).
Bookings: Yarra Plenty Library website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

Over the next week
Over the next month

Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events.

Aug 102016

Four food swaps in the Brunswick, Coburg and Fawkner areas

Our interactive map of food swaps, our website calendar and our local food directory now all include:

  • The IncrEdible Coburg Food Swap. 10am-2pm, 1st Saturday of the month. PepperTree Place, 512 Sydney Road, Coburg, 3058. Contact Natasha van Velzen by email.

  • The Sustainable Fawkner Food Swap. 10am-midday, 2nd Saturday of the month. CB Smith Reserve, Jukes Road, Fawkner, 3060. Facebook: Contact Felicia Wylie by email.

  • The North Coburg Food Swap. 10am-12.30pm, 3rd Saturday of the month. Parker Reserve, off Mathieson Street, Coburg North, 3058. Facebook: Contact Margaret by email.

  • Urban Orchard Food Swap. 10am-1pm, every Saturday. CERES, corner Stewart and Roberts Streets, Brunswick East, 3057. Facebook: Contact April by email.

A provider of free wood shavings

Thanks to Lee Tozzi, our list of providers has grown again. Yard Furniture in Preston are offering free bags of clean wood shavings. Contact Peter McManus beforehand by phone (9480 6171) or email to confirm availability.

Can you donate any seeds or gardening tools?

In 2015, some members of Local Food Connect worked with a group of refugee women from Somalia, who live in Heidelberg, to help them set up a veggie garden. Two of these women have now taken their knowledge back to Somalia and are starting a program in their homeland of Puntiland to develop a food security co-operative. As part of this, they are planning some container shipments of seeds and gardening tools. If you have anything that you could potentially donate, contact Pauline Crosbie by email.

Marina Bistrin writes about implementing a water reservoir

The objective was to implement something relatively simple into a standard garden bed which will help the veggies survive and thrive throughout the summer. Her solution was to dig a trench in the clay beneath the garden bed soil, fill it with water absorbent material and add a pipe which allows water to be added to the trench. Read her full article.

Warranwood Primary School food forest garden

warranwoodWarranwood Primary School is establishing a permaculture designed forest garden which will enhance the education program and create a productive area where the children can explore the life cycles of nature. They are currently seeking funding to plant a Japanese garden, construct trellises, and plant a range of edible and beneficial shrubs groundcovers and climbers. One possible source of funding is the CUA Community Care School Grants Program, but they are currently 1,700 votes behind the leading vote getter. To vote for them, click here.

Local food producers in the news

Montmorency-based The Mushroom Shed and Kangaroo Ground-based winery Kings of Kangaroo Ground (yes, them again!) both featured in the 3rd August edition of The Weekly Review.
mushroom shed      kings 2

beesOn 8th August, Frankie Spranger, from both Bee Rescue and Heidi Honey Hurstbridge, rescued a bee colony after a P-plater crashed his car through a wall in St Helena. Read the articles in The Age, The Herald Sun and The Leader. Which article has the best (or worst) pun?

The Common’s latest Facebook post

Is about butter.

Hurstbridge Primary School’s kitchen garden

A few weeks ago, healthAbility ran a workshop on kitchen gardening for schools in Nillumbik. As part of this, they interviewed Hurstbridge Primary School. Here is a summary.

In 2014, Hurstbridge Primary School joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF), whose food education philosophy is that of promoting pleasurable food education and building positive food habits through fun, hands-on learning. Since then, changes at the school include: new garden beds, compost bays and a chook pen; assigning gardening and cooking specialist roles to staff; recruiting parents as volunteers; and incorporating gardening and cooking sessions into the weekly timetable. The benefits of having students excited about the program, sharing meals cooked with the produce and gaining positive food experiences clearly outweigh the ongoing challenges with storage space, budgeting and not having a designated kitchen. If you would like to know more, contact Chris Tatnall or Diane Brown by phone (9718 2386) or email.

Whilst on the subject of SAKGF, here is a list of the schools in North East Melbourne which are part of the SAKGF program, followed by a list of those who are classroom members.

Program schools:
Banyule Montmorency Primary School
Montmorency South Primary School
St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School
Viewbank Primary School
Boroondara Andale School
City of Yarra Fitzroy Primary School
Learning Centre at Collingwood College
Yarra Primary School
Darebin Findon Primary School
St Francis of Assisi School
Westgarth Primary School
Manningham Templestowe Valley Primary School
Wonga Park Primary School
Maroondah Croydon Special Developmental School
Dorset Primary School
Kalinda Primary School
Melbourne Carlton Primary School
Nillumbik Hurstbridge Primary School
Whitehorse Kingswood College
Whitehorse Primary School
Whittlesea St Peter’s Primary School
Yarra Ranges St Richard’s Primary School


Classroom members:
Banyule Edward Street Preschool
Boroondara Auburn Primary School
Carey Baptist Grammar School
Greythorn Early Childhood Centre
Hawthorn Early Years
Trinity Grammar School
Darebin Merri Community Child Care Centre and Kindergarten
St Joseph the Worker Primary school
Manningham Creative Play Early Learning Centre
Warrandyte Kindergarten
Maroondah Eastwood Primary School
Melba College Senior Campus
Milestone Childcare and Kindergarten
The Village School
Yarra Valley Grammar School
Moreland Antonine College
Murrindindi Ellimatta Youth Inc
Middle Kinglake Primary School
Nillumbik Early Learning Centre Diamond Creek
Eltham High School
Whitehorse Old Orchard Primary School
Orchard Grove Primary School
Our Lady’s Primary School
Roberts McCubbin Primary School
Whittlesea St Joseph’s Primary School
Yarra Ranges Lilydale High School
St Peter Julian Eymard School

New events

Vegetarian and vegan food truck event

What: Bringing the best in Melbourne’s vegetarian and vegan street food vendors, this street food event is set to please all foodie lovers. Their lineup will include: Bomba Wood Fired Pizza, Cheese & Bread, Crispy Chickpea, Grace Cafe, Fitzroy, Jerry’s Vegiburgers, Lekker Lekker Snackbar, Mamma Sole, Manny’s Doughnuts, Pierogi Pierogi, Pookie May Coffee, Shiva Indian Cuisine Food Truck, Tasty Taters, The Butter Thief, The Real Jerk Food Truck, Vegilicious, Von’s Vegan Bake House, VUTU Nepalese, Woking Amazing and Yo India.
When: Friday, 12th August, 5-10pm; Saturday, 13th August, midday-10pm; and Saturday, 14th August, midday-9pm.
Where: Preston.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: The Food Truck Park by phone (1300 162636).
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Biodynamics in practice

What: This is a fundraising event for the Biodynamics in Community project, which aims to support those in need through growing biodynamic produce. The project has been offered a grant of $8,000 from the Federal Government, which they need to match. The workshop will include sessions on: working with the calendar; choosing what to sow and how; and maximising biodynamic production.
When: Sunday, 14th August, 9.30am-4.30pm.
Where: Warranwood.
Cost: $125 (includes the Antipodean Astro Calendar 2016).
Enquiries/Bookings: Atika Rea by phone (0433 677106) or email (the LFC calendar entry gives further details on payment methods but it is best to check with Atika first).
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Seed saving and hands-on sowing

What: Maria Ciavarella, from My Green Garden, will talk about on seed saving and hands-on sowing.
When: Tuesday, 4th October, 7.15-9.15pm.
Where: Hurstbridge.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: Cheryl Lowe by phone (9438 1563 or 0481 362242) or email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

Over the next week
Over the next month

Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events.

Aug 032016

Quists Coffee are now giving away free coffee husks

Quists Coffee have been in contact to say they are happy to provide free coffee husks. Thanks, Doris! As detailed in the updated list, they are based in Research and you have to ring them in advance.

Two more sources for free manure

Thanks to Karen Cheah, our list of sources of free manure has grown by two: Dandelions Rabbit Retreat in Box Hill North offer free rabbit manure and the Tandivale Equestrian Centre & Pony Club in Warrandyte offer free horse manure.

Tell us about local people who sell veggie seedlings

This week I want to focus on local people who sell veggie seedlings. There are two people/organisations on the current list: KABUU and The Mushroom Shed, both from Montmorency. There must be lots of others around North East Melbourne and I am sure that they would appreciate a wider audience knowing about them. Email me with the details of anyone that you know whose business is selling veggie seedlings that they have grown themselves.

Shoutouts to everyone who replies.

Mac’s tip of the week

Mac McVeigh has kindly agreed to provide this newsletter with periodic, seasonal tips. Mac is a qualified horticulturalist from Eltham who can do most skilled tasks around the garden. He is one of the people on our list of local people who build wicking beds or raised garden beds.

Here is Mac’s tip for this week: “All winter pruning should largely be completed now, with eco-oil sprayed where needed. It is also a good time to prune off more wasp gall on your citrus. Keep an eye on your peaches and nectarines for bud swell as you will soon need to spray to prevent curly leaf.

Do you want some fresh strawberries?

Yarra Valley Gateway Estate grow their strawberries in a hydroponic greenhouse and they currently have a new crop coming into full production. In the middle of Winter! Go along and pick however many you want, $4 for a 250g punnet.

Local food producers in the news

Kangaroo Ground-based winery Kings of Kangaroo Ground and Yan Yean-based fruit and veggie grower Just Picked are both featured in the August edition of Farm Magazine, which is part of the rural Weekly Times newspaper.
kings          just picked

Here is the video to which the Kings of Kangaroo Ground article refers:

And here is the video to which the Just Picked article could have referred (but didn’t):

The Common’s latest Facebook post

Is about milk.

Meet and eat: characters made from fruit and veg – in pictures

Just to demonstrate that this is a highbrow newsletter, have a look at this wonderful array of pictures. My favourite is probably Stephen (the rightmost one below), whilst my wife likes Albert (the leftmost one below).

albert  eva  gilbert  monroe  sylvia  stephen

If you want to have a look at a Renaissance equivalent from 500 years ago, google ‘Arcimboldo’ and search for images.

New events

Introduction to natural beekeeping

What: Suitable for beginners, and ideal for the backyarder, this two-day event will cover such subjects as: equipment, legislation, choosing the location, ongoing maintenance and harvesting. The event is being run by the Natural Beekeeping Group of Permaculture Victoria.
When: Saturday 13th August and Sunday, 14th August, both 10am-4pm.
Where: Mitcham.
Cost: $200 for members of Permaculture Victoria; $250 for non-members.
Enquiries/Bookings: Claire Smith by email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Fruit trees for the home gardener

What: Pete the Permie (aka Telopea Mtn Permaculture & Nursery) has been growing thousands of varieties of fruit trees organically for twenty years. Join him in this beginner’s session that will cover the basics of growing fruit in an urban garden. Pete will share his top tips in selecting the species that best suit your situation and purpose. He will also cover soil preparation, maintenance, organic pest control and pruning tips. Finally, go into the draw to win free fruit trees to take home on the night.
When: Thursday, 18th August 6.30-8pm.
Where: Nunawading.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Whitehorse Council Tree Education Officer (Millie Wells) by phone (9262 6333) or email.
Bookings: Eventbrite.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Bellfield Community Garden working bee

What: At this working bee, they are looking to: start the pizza oven base; plant several fruit trees; and put up an additional tool shed. Have a look around the garden, see their new shelter and meet the members. They are now fully open new members: $30 for the year, or $15 concession. Please bring a plate to share at afternoon tea.
When: Saturday, 20th August 2-5pm.
Where: Bellfield.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Paul Morland by phone (9440 9247) or email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Preserving basics: make your own jams, pickles and relishes

What: Learn how to preserve fruit and veggies safely, using a variety of techniques. These techniques can be used on most fruit and veggies so that you learn to make your own preserves, with no artificial additives and nasty numbers. No preserving background is assumed as you go through how to prevent food spoilage using the preserving methods of bottling, jam-making, pickling and making relishes. Dehydrating is also demonstrated. You will cover the jars and lids to use, safe storage and use. All the preserves made on the day get taken home by everyone. What you will learn: how to make jams, pickles and relishes; select and re-use suitable jars and how to sterilise them; and bottle seasonal fruits and vegetables for future use.
When: Wednesday, 31st August, 10am-1pm.
Where: Donvale.
Cost: $70.
Enquiries: Maria Ciavarella by phone (0424 083057) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Weteachme website.

Artisan pasta – fettuccini

What: Learn how to make pasta like an Italian! You will use age-old techniques to make a classic egg pasta, to be transformed into delicious fettuccini. Then, using the basic pasta-making technique, you will incorporate colourful vegetables to make fettuccini in a variety of colours. You can also opt to make your fettuccini suitable for vegans. Your pasta will be ready to take home to cook for a lovely meal. Instructions on how to dry the pasta or freeze it for future use will be given. Easy sauce recipes will also be discussed. What you will learn: how to make and knead egg-based pasta dough; use traditional pasta machines to roll and cut pasta; and how to use selected vegetables to make colourful fettuccini, including vegan options.
When: Friday, 2nd September, 10am-midday.
Where: Donvale.
Cost: $50.
Enquiries: Maria Ciavarella by phone (0424 083057) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Weteachme website.

Spring gardening

What: Get ready for Spring by joining Maria Ciavarella from My Green Garden. Her ideas will ensure you have lots of lovely produce to share with your family and friends.
When: Monday, 5th September, 10.30-11.30am.
Where: Bulleen.
Cost: free.
Bookings: Whitehorse Manningham libraries website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Great Southern Beer & Cider Festival

What: This event is a great day out if you are a beer and cider enthusiast eager to try a variety of new flavours and some of your old favourites. It is also a great day out for families with plenty of children’s activities and entertainment. Your entry ticket includes: a souvenir tasting glass; an opportunity to experience a range of boutique beer and cider, complimented by a selection of gourmet street food; free admission for children accompanied by an adult; live music; and children’s entertainment.
When: Friday, 30th September 11am-5pm.
Where: Yarra Glen.
Cost: $22.
Enquiries: The event organisers by email.
Bookings: Eventbrite.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

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